Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Commando Fight android game

Defend the Allies from the scourge of Earth.
Enjoy Commando Games in one great app for free,so download this app now and get the best of the best Commando Games.
Hand to hand battle 
Karate fightTwo life only, last man standing wins.
smooth graphics. stunning features, easy and quick guides
Download the game : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.virtualinfocom.commando.fight

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bengali Android Game

Sukhu Dukhu is one of the most wonderful game. It was made by virtualinfocom android game development company. It has 27 different Level in 27 different worlds. The game is full of fun & adventure by which player can spend so many time enjoying this android game. In this android mobile application we can find Monster, adventure, casual, action game at a time. It is the best & amazing monster game in android apps. The store of sukhudukhu based on a Bengali story of two sisters one is sukhu & another is dukhu. Long, long ago in Bengal there lived a weaver who had two wives. Each wife had a daughter. One was called Sukhu (meaning ‘happiness’) and the other was called Dukhu (meaning ‘sorrow’. They lived happily enough as long as the weaver was alive. But when he died all of a sudden, the fate of the two sisters took completely different turns. The younger wife inherited all his property, and she drove Dukhu and her mother out of the house. Dukhu and her mother found an empty hut outside town and occupied it. They made a living by spinning thread. One day when Dukhu was spinning outside her hut, the wind blew hard and carried away her wad of cotton. She ran after it but couldn't catch up with it. When she began to cry in desperation, she heard a voice in the wind, "Don't cry, Dukhu, come with me. I'll give you all the cotton you want. Like that in this game here we have a 15 year’s old little poor village girl created by android apps developer in India, who is running after the wind to catch the cottons that the wind takes away from her. When   she'll go to catch the cloth she has to face so many problems   & help animal on her way. 
She has to protect herself from monster & wind. when player play it the girl have to collect food,fruits and so many things which is needed to help animal so that kids can learn so many things by this kids game. It’s a wonderful job done by android game developers. It’s also an educational game by which learn things in an interesting way. In android people are enjoying this so much. This android game is the creation of android application developer in India. virtualinfocom the android apps development company in India launch the game few months ago. It’s a famous game in android apps store. In    android game store there is also 3d games made by this android apps development company. For business development in gaming this android application company have a large number of experience android game developer. Hire developer for develop android phone apps.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

game development training in India

Well, there’s lots more career options. Game development is something you didn't really think of, right? I mean, you love games & probably an avid gamer but ‘making games?’ Here let me tell you, Game Development can’t be a choice as long as you are thinking of it as plan B., But it can be a lucrative career option if you are really into it.
To put it simply, game development is creating games. It’s not a one-man army. A number of people are needed to develop a game. So naturally, there is a host of other job-titles within the term. Producers, designers, animators, programmers, engineers, art directors, artists, testers etc. Talking about mainstream game development, certainly. There are studios, small & large. However, there are indie developers too.
Whether you are working in a studio or as an indie, the work is almost same.
First comes the creative part with story scripting & writing. This phase is followed by designing the game, deciding the way the game would work, look & feel. Production, engineering & testing would come next.
Firstly, it’s about the thing you love very much if not most. Making the games & seeing people loving & appreciating your ‘brainchildren’ is a pleasure which you will enjoy with honor. It’s like waving your dream, not a game.
Secondly, the explosive growth of the industry. The Smartphone market is growing at a faster rate than the PC market. The social media sites are pulling more gaming population. The demand of DVDs, Wii, X-Box, PS is always there.
And every day the industry is spreading fast & soaring to new heights. Online gaming is now as big as a rupees 1300 Cr. Business. Casual gaming is doing  business of rupees 700 Cr. There are about 30K developers in India. 10K more developers are needed every year. Earlier, development teams of big-name games employed only 20 to 40 people but  now they are more likely to be doubly  strong. Game development has become a respectable and promising career , so while there are more jobs, there are also more applicants. & you think I was joking?
  1. Salary-  In India, it may start with 15K which in the course of time, can be as much as 1 less. With time & experience there will be considerable hikes.
  2. Working hours- minimum 40 hours a week. The gaming industry is infamous for long tedious working hours. However, any extra work is duly paid.
  3. Stable future- whether you are working with some studio or as an indie, take this for granted that your future is secure. & this is something that won’t be affected by recession as it’s something creative.
  4. Access to ever-new game updates & cutting edge technology.
  5.  Cosmopolitan work environment.
  6. Even if you don’t get a job with game development industry, you can still use your knowledge in other fields like computer programming, software development, industrial design, animation, project management and lots more.

What kind of qualification is needed to enter in the field?
Creativity, a penchant for inventing new fresh ideas, ability to unlearn & relearn according to the need of the work are the must-haves. B.sc. In Computer Science, Maths & if possible in game development will be an added advantage. Most employers look for talent & promise, not a piece of paper.
Some developers have no formal education & they are self-taught. However, it completely depends on the level of one’s love & dedication.
And these days, there’s gaming schools themselves to teach you the core of this art.
So what are you waiting for? Come. Join the wonderful industry where you will  weave your dreams & unique imagination. +91 9830082617

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Video Game Reduces Stress

Did you know that an awesome healing power had always been right at your comfort-zone? And that’s equally potent as any other antidote? Talking about video games! The joystick or the mouse, apart from offering a powerhouse of pleasure & entertainment, has a soothing effect on even the worst kind of mental fatigue- STRESS.

Your to-do-list is crowded with deadlines. The cubicle is loaded with files. Or your virtual office hardly lets you look around. Else the towering syllabi of the upcoming exam are baffling you. Pushed for the extreme, you are at your wit’s end. Or hey, may be your partner just ditched you or the other way round? Whatever it is, the result is at the end of the day, YOU ARE STRESSED OUT.

Thinking of attending a stress management workshop? But before you spend on that, why don’t you try some video game-play for some hundred bucks or even for free?

The good news is, video games reduce the stress-related hormone Cortisol by 17%. So next time you are done with your office for the day, go for at least a 30 minutes’ refreshing session of VR games. This will also increase your productivity level at work.
Of course not telling you to play at breaks in office-hours

Dear students & their worried parents- video games NEVER hinder study if played in a proper way. Rather relieve the students from the huge pressure & thus help learning to be an enjoyable experience. ‘Call of Duty’, for example, is a helping game in releasing stress for students.

Long-term young adult gamers handle stress better than non-gamer fellows & develop a more controlled response to a stressful work.

The ‘heartbreak kids’ can release the frustration through an action game, sports, fighting, social or adventure game. And some games are as if made for them! These train you how to fall in love & retain it. The intelligent games are almost like an enjoyable grooming session of how to dress makeup & cook thus boosting up your confidence. Though these are mainly tagged as girly games, as I’ve said earlier, games don’t follow a gander bias.
Angry? Try a shooting game. It will give you a vent to your anger. Indeed quite contradictory to the general studies that indicate the opposite.
Doesn’t an improved eye-sight definitely give a leash of life to your sensory organs? A game-play tests your vision to its limits thus improves the eye-sight 20 times better.
Video games are your friends of the sleepless lonely nights & days. Games like Bejewelled, Half-life etc. keep you intrigued in their mazes & will make you forget everything else.
Why you love action games? Ever wondered? In an action game the structured story & the happy ending upon winning the boss enemy offers a out of the world winning feeling. Finding hidden objects is one of the best de-stressing games.
Moreover, you can quit a game anytime you want. What can be more relieving than this?
Doesn’t the reward & punishment system pulls you again & again? Some games, like, Braid allows rewinding & correcting the mistakes, thus making the experience fun & light-hearted minus the pressure.
Reduce stress related medical disorders like cardiovascular disease, diabetes etc.
However, a particular game may not be equally de-stressing for all. One person may find it agitating while the other may find it relaxing.

Certain games seem to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which can reduce the increased tension- a natural response to stress.
Train the brain to live in the moment.
Make you stop thinking so much.
The brand extensions of some games make game-play more interesting.

Did you know that heartbeats are linked with various emotional states? Did you know that even soldiers, military personals, surgeons need to play games to lift up their spirit & adeptness in work? Sounds awkward? Well, gaming, in fact, is perhaps the only tool that adds an edge to your personality & profession without your active knowledge.

Some games even keep a close tab on a player’s heartbeat to gain greater control over their emotional response to stressful situations.

Soldiers, who learn to control their emotions by playing games, are better able to perform under pressure & recover quickly from trauma.

Surgeons become 25% faster & 32% less erroneous.

Video game-play Vs Pain

Pain relief & video game? Possible? Let’s see-

Games distracts the attention from the pain & thus provide a kind of an Analgesic reaction.
Prepare the brain to respond more normally to painful stimuli.
Leela, for example, is a game that includes 43 interactive exercises to focus on the body’s 7 energy centres.

You may argue why you should opt for a couch tightening VR game if you can avail a playground? But where would you go & play? When will you play? The skyscrapers & the concrete roads are gulping down the green pastures.

You are always short of time. Aren’t you? In that case, a motion capture game or a VR is the best-possible solution. But don’t just play a game. Interact with it. I am not saying that you have to be a hardcore gamer. But to take out the most of the benefits, get better at the game by practicing whenever you get a chance. Most of us become aware of the stress level only when it reaches an extreme point. So nip it in the bud. At every game, a point comes when it becomes undefeatable. Avoid that for the time being if it stresses you. Enjoy a family game with the little ones. Avoid games with unclear instructions. Remember, each & every game-play, no matter what the duration is, leaves a positive impact on your mental & physical health. So enjoy every bit of your VR playtime.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Game Development and Programming in Android, iOS, PC and Devices

Game Development Australia brings together creativity, skills and technology to develop the most fascinating and intellectual games for mobile and web. The mobile phones are no more just a communication devices. The enhanced features of mobiles have gone beyond the classic definition of these handsets. Mobile Game Applications forms a huge part of entertainment sources today. Unveil this online game store to provide yourself with the exciting game logic. Find here, the smart games for smart and easy fun. The iPhone, iPad and Android games created with iPhone SDK, Cocos2D Framework, Flash and Unity3D, Java, J SON, OpenGL, Corona give you technological fun and challenges. An amalgamation of enjoyment and entertainment through the advanced technology would end here your search for intelligent amusement.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Objective C Advantages

  1. Thin Layer around C.. like C
  2. Message Dispatch at runtime
  3. Static and Dynamic features included
  4. Got Single inheritance and interface called @protocols
  5. By default Protected 
  6. Methods are public, virtual and overridden
  7. Methods can be added to existing classes 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Object C An Introduction

What Is Objective-C?

Objective-C is an object-oriented language: it supports hierarchies of substitutable types, message-passing between objects, and code reuse through inheritance. Objective-C adds these features to the familiar C programming language.
Because Objective-C is an extension of C, many properties of an Objective-C program depend on the underlying C development tools. Among these properties are:
·         The size of scalar variables such as integers and floating-point numbers
·         Allowed placement of scoped declarations
·         Implicit type conversion and promotion
·         Storage of string literals
·         Preprocessor macro expansion
·         Compiler warning levels
·         Code optimization
·         Include and link search paths
For more information about these topics, consult the documentation for your development platform and tools.
Objective-C differs from C++, another object-oriented extension of C, by deferring decisions until runtime that C++ would make at compile time. Objective-C is distinguished by the following key features:
·         Dynamic dispatch
·         Dynamic typing
·         Dynamic loading

1.2.1 Dynamic Dispatch

Object-oriented languages replace function calls with messages. The difference is that the same message may trigger different code at runtime, depending on the type of the message receiver. Objective-C decides dynamically—at runtime—what code will handle a message by searching the receiver's class and parent classes. (The Objective-C runtime caches the search results for better performance.) By contrast, a C++ compiler constructs a dispatch table statically—at compile time.
Because the simple linear search for a receiver used by Objective-C mirrors the way we think about inheritance, it's easy to understand how an Objective-C program works. Dynamic dispatch can handle changes in the inheritance hierarchy at runtime. A dynamic message-sending model is also more natural for distributed objects than a table-based model.

1.2.2 Dynamic Typing

Because message-sending is dynamic, Objective-C lets you send messages to objects whose type has not been declared. The Objective-C environment determines dynamically—at runtime—the class of the message receiver and calls the appropriate code. By comparison, C++ requires the type of the receiver to be declared statically—at compile time—in order to consult dispatch tables.
Static typing allows the compiler to detect some program errors, but type checking is undecidable—that is, no algorithm can infallibly distinguish between programs that have type errors and those that do not. A compiler must either miss some errors or prohibit some safe operations. Of course, in practice compilers follow the latter course, so some programs that would run correctly will not compile. Dynamic typing admits designs whose correctness is not evident to the compiler.
Objective-C lets you use static type checking where you want it, but dynamic typing where you need it. This represents a move away from the question of What is the receiver's type at compile time? to What messages does an object respond to at runtime? Since programs run only at runtime, this is a more useful perspective.

1.2.3 Dynamic Loading

Because the process of method dispatch is simple and uniform, it's easy to defer until runtime the linking of separately-compiled code modules. Objective-C programs can be factored into components that have minimal interdependency; these components can be loaded as needed by a running program. This makes it easier to deliver code, as well as content, over a network; design applications or systems that are distributed; or write an application that can be extended by third-party plug-ins.

1.2.4 Which Objective-C?

If you are programming in a Unix environment, you probably already have an Objective-C compiler: the gcc compiler, which is part of many Unix installations and is available under the terms of the GNU Public License. Because of the wide availability of this compiler for many software and hardware platforms, this handbook documents the features of the language compiled by Version 3.1 of gcc.
Apple Computer has also adopted gcc as the compiler for its OS X platform, which is based on a Unix variant called Darwin. Darwin provides its own Objective-C runtime, and a class library called Cocoa. This handbook notes the differences between the Darwin and GNU runtime environments, and documents the root classes supplied by both GNU and Cocoa.
There is also a class library called GNUstep, distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser (Library) Public License. GNUstep is an outgrowth of the same code that gave rise to Cocoa, and is largely compatible with Cocoa. Discussions in this book of Cocoa features such as the NSObject root class will apply equally to the GNUstep version.

1.2.5 How Do I Get Started?

Here is a minimal Objective-C program. If you can successfully compile and run it, your Objective-C installation is working correctly.
int  main(int  argc, char * argv[  ]) {
  Object* obj  = [Object new];
  return  0;
To build this program from a shell prompt, save it in a file named myProg.m and issue the following commands. (Your platform may require a different threading library, which is specified in the last parameter. If you are using an integrated development environment, follow its documentation for building a program.)
gcc -c myProg.m
gcc -o myProg myProg.o -lobjc -lpthread
When this little program succeeds in compiling, you are ready to start learning the language and writing Objective-C programs. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

gaming workshops organized by virtualinfocom

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

online animation tutorial ‘Pencil2Pixels‘

Kolkata based Virtualinfocom (VIC) has launched online tutorial called ‘Pencil2Pixels‘ to help aspiring students understand and learn the basic skill sets of animation. A 20 page version of it is available online free of cost to give an idea on how animations are done and how you can create characters, shadow balance etc.
The original tutorial is a book of 135 pages which would be made available online topic wise in the due course of time. The book would be available at a cost of arount INR 350 in a month‘s time. Virtualinfocom has it cartoon character ‘Chankey‘ who trains the users on how to create animations and how to draw.Speaking to AnimationXpress.comVirtualinfocom CEO Arijit Bhattacharyya said "Pencil2Pixels is created for the people who want to draw and want to be a part of Animations and Gaming Industry. This online tutorial will help a new comer or a professional to create good animations and make good comics with proper knowledge. It is basically created to encourage people to come into animation and gaming field as there is a dearth of really talented people in this field."

Virtualinfocom is also coming up with game developments tutorial for online medium and are now creating mobile based animations and mobile based games for different clients as well coming up with mobile based comics.Various topic are covered in the tutorial such as creating diagrams, basic drawing, drawing shapes, drawing human faces, trick stuff, solid with round and rectangle, the divided ball and plane method, comic heads, methods of checking, drawing a female body, figure in action, animated figures, digital drawing, bit-map images, vector images, three-dimensional images, Indian style animations, color composition, animate the characters, the perspective view for any animation, case study for a story board, lights - camera - animate, the basic film making setup, how to choose between formats and many more.

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